Get Your Monkey

OCM Genesis was created in a single transaction on September 11, 2021. All were given away and now are available on OpenSea.


News and Articles

OCM Featured on Money Reimagined

Chairman Bill Tai and CEO Danny Yang discuss the launch of OCM, its significance, and how NFTs can be used for social good

The Making of OnChain Monkey

A detailed writeup from Danny Yang about how OnChainMonkey came to be.


Medium post by Amanda Terry on OnChainMonkey’s first charity auction which benefited the Giga Project

Benefits of owning an OCM

  • Be part of the monkeyverse and the stellar OCM community
  • Receive the next gen OCM
  • Give and earn bananas
  • Participate in the give-to-earn economy and create value for yourself and the world
  • Get early access to NFT launches on Metagood
  • Metagood Moments NFT collection is launching from the OCM community
  • Fast track to being able to launch your own NFT collection on Metagood
  • OCM can be traded on Metagood with no platform fee
  • Participate in online and IRL events with the OCM community
  • Access to private channels in the OCM Discord
  • Join in the Monkey Business fun that may just change the world
More FAQ's

Roadmap 1.1

  • Launch

    Sept 11, 2021 the single transaction that started it all was sent. OCM Genesis was created and the OnChainMonkey community started to form. No one besides the creator knew about OCM until after the launch. No Twitter account. No Discord server. By word of mouth, the news of OCM spread and all OCM Genesis were claimed in a few hours. A Discord server was requested by the new OCM holders and this was the beginning of the OCM community, a community that has always grown completely organically.

  • Offchain Bananas

    Sept 18, 2021 Bananas are being given out in the nascent monkeyverse. These are discord bananas that OCM holders can give to each other to show each other appreciation.

  • Doing Real World Good with GigaConnect and UNICEF

    Sept 29, 2021 The first Metagood Moments were awarded to community members @p0lynice and Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs, for being part of the charity auction that raised 12.5 ETH for GigaConnect bringing internet to schools globally.

  • OCM LA and SF Projections

    October 16 and October 18, 2021 OCM Projections in Los Angeles and San Francisco to shine our “monkey signal” (like the “bat signal” to Gotham) to raise awareness of the OnChainMonkey community and that we need to take action.

  • Milken Institute Conference

    October 19 Bill Tai speaks on 2 panels about OnChainMonkey and Metagood at the Milken Institute Conference with Pussy Riot who met him in the OnChainMonkey Discord.

  • NFT NYC Party

    Nov 1-4 OCM head to NFT NYC! Bill Tai keynotes the conference and we co-hosting an immersive NFT party with Dapper Labs on November 3! Our first significant IRL gathering of OCM holders. And OCM merch was given out!

  • COP26 Projections

    Nov 5 We projected images on the Armadillo Center in Glasgow while world leaders meet. The goal of these projections is to inspire a billion people to solve the climate crisis.

  • More utility for bananas

    Nov 18 A limited edition drop of OCM Caps are only available for purchase with bananas. 100 numbered OCM Caps are sold out within minutes for 100 bananas each.

  • More real world good with Afghan Girl

    Nov 25 OCM helped the small nonprofit that launched the daring operation to evacuate Sharbat Gula and her family from Afghanistan. Sharbat was the girl in the iconic National Geographic photograph.

  • NFT BZL and Miami Art Basel

    Nov 29 - Dec 5 We will be in Miami for NFT BZL and Miami Art Basel - more info on our event coming soon!

  • Banana Burn 2021

    Dec 1-7. How will the monkeys use their bananas? A game of give-to-earn.

  • Metagood Giving Fund

    Dec 12-19 The Metagood Giving Fund is set up in partnership with PVF (Philanthropic Ventures Foundation) as our fiscal sponsor, who can act as our depository for charitable donations as we apply for our own 501(c)(3) status. Metagood will auction OCM#1365 in a degenerous event.

  • Expanding Monkeyverse

    Jan 2022 The monkeyverse of Discord and Twitter will get more connected with the introduction of our offchain bananas to Twitter. Offchain bananas will operate seemlessly across Discord and Twitter. will be web3 enabled and allow OCM holders to access their OCM and bananas.

  • Next gen OCM Drop

    2022 we will drop the next gen OCM to OCM Genesis holders. OCM Genesis holders will participate in the creation process of the next gen OCM, and each genesis OCM will receive a corresponding next gen OCM with the same attributes. The next gen OCM will live on both the Ethereum and Flow blockchains.

  • ELYX collection

    We have partnered with ELYX, the official UN digital artist, who will be selling a collection of ELYX-inspired characters to raise awareness of the UN SDG goals.

  • Crypto Finance Conference in St. Moritz

    Jan 12-14 We will be in St. Moritz for the Crypto Finance Conference where we will be launching a collection to benefit Giga Connect bring internet to schools globally.

  • Metagood foundation and DAO

    We are applying for a Metagood foundation now. The process can take up to a year. We are also exploring the best way to set up a DAO for the future.

OCM Key Information

Release Date September 11, 2021
Total number of tokens 10,000
Tokens withheld 500 (charity auctions, giveaways, Metagood reserve)
Price per token at minting Free
Royalty fees 10%
Giving back 20% goes to OCM community projects and initiatives and 80% goes to the Metagood team for building, maintaining and marketing for OCM. After 200 and 800 ETH collected respectively, the split will be revised to be 50% and 50%.
Token type ERC-721
File hosting None, all data is on chain!
Number of traits 7
Minimum number of traits 4
Number of attributes 171 (3 are the absence of a trait for hat, clothes, earring)
Licensing Commercial rights, as defined in the Purchase and License Agreement
Smart Contract 0x960b7a6bcd451c9968473f7bbfd9be826efd549a


Please remember that the overall value or rarity is subjective and there are potential discrepancies in ratings between various tools.


There are 171 different traits that are uniquely distributed. The number of each trait is as follows (note that the lack of a hat, clothes, or earring is counted as a trait here too):

Trait #
FUR 19
HAT 37